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Quilting has been increasingly popular in recent times as one of the hottest DIY craft today. Quilting is not a new trend, in fact, women has been quilting since centuries ago. Quilting is an immensely satisfying past time which is addictive too!
A patchwork quilt is an item of bedding made of three basic elements. The quilt top, the middle layer of wadding or batting and the quilt back. These three elements are then quilted or stitched together so that the inner layer stays in place.
The materials required are available from hundreds of ‘Patchwork Quilt Shops’ nationwide by both visiting or mail order. If you can best visit to see the large range of colours and patterns available.
If you keep checking you magazine and the internet you can get a list of big exhibitions which are a great day out and often organized by clubs giving you the opportunity to go at a bargain price.