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A customised garden shed

The first stage of planning a model railway is where am I going to build and run it. This is an important decision involving all the family as it is hopefully a long term project so if you are not lucky enough to be able to use a spare room there are three popular alternatives.


  • A garage

  • A Shed

  • The attic

As garages are often used as storage areas rather than just a home for the car this is a possible location.
They usually have electricity for light and power which is great as many an evening may be spent with this hobby.
We now have the garden shed which may just house the garden tools and a lawn mower, or even a workshop but could well become your own ‘retreat’. Because the walls are usually timber it is easy to build the base boards around the outside with even a lift out section for the door. You would, of coarse have to sort out alternative storage for the gardening tools & mower.
If this is your favourite then best get yourself a new shed to the dimensions that will fit in the garden.
An idea to take full advantage of the shed for the scenic part of the layout is to add a covered ‘box’ shape to the outside of the shed large enough to cover the curved and back straight of the track with a removable lid for access.  
Another and popular location is the attic space above the living area. If you are lucky enough to have an attic like the one on the left all you need is to board the floor (assuming it will take the weight) but as many new homes have timber cross members this may be a little more different to arrange the levels and head room.
This location is very good because of power and lighting available close by and having a controllable temperature.
Also if installing street and building lights the attic space can be easily made dark. An opening roof light would also be a good idea.
It is also more secure than the others.
In all of the above locations you must consider the temperature all year round so insulation would be a must for both yourself and the railway.  You must also remember the noise of running trains so it does not want to be next to a room where the family may be watching television or sleeping.